Dry Power Underwear / Padded Shorts #2600

Posted on: September 19th, 2017 by crashpads


Crash Pads #2600 Quick-Dri Padded Shorts are used for extreme sports and activities.
Featuring non-restrictive design, abrasion/impact resistant padding, providing great durability
and low profile design.

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Quick Dri Underwear is often used with the following extreme sports and activities

Snow: Snowboarding, Skiing, Snow Machines
Skate: Inline, Derby, Skateboard, Long Board
Bike: BMX, Downhill
Motor Sports: Street, Track
Field Sports: Soccer, Lacrosse
Other Sports: Marital Arts , Stunt Work
Non Sports Activities: Costuming, Stage Performance


  • Non-Restrictive Design
  • Impact resistant padding
  • 1/2 inch Thermal formed, high density padding
  • Technical moisture management Dry-Power fabric
  • Covers tailbone, side hip, side let, sits bones and front hip pointer.

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CL- Childs Large – Fits 6 to 8 years old, XS – Extra Small – Waist 24-27 inches, S – Small Waist 27-30 inches, M – Medium – Waist 30-33 inches, L – Large – Waist 34-37 inches, XL – Extra Large – 38-40 inches


Men, Women

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