Fit Instructions

Crash Pads® are a highly technical product and the fit is also very technical. Each Crash Pads® product is designed to cover specific bones, and if worn correctly, will pad vulnerable areas in each individual sport while remaining restriction-free. This is why you wear Crash Pads® gear, and not another ‘looka- like’ product.

Be sure you have them on correctly!

Wear the waistband on your actual waist – NOT the hip.

Shorts: Place the hip pointer pad on the hip pointer in the front. The rest of the short should then be in place.

Long Pants: Place the pads on from the bottom up. ie; Put your knee pads in place and then work the pants up from there… like putting on your nylons (you don’t have to admit you know how to do this). Then fit the rest of the pant as instructed above – insuring the hip pointer is in place.


  • If your pads shift they are too big.
  • If you wear Crash Pads® low they will not work as they have been designed to.

Thank you for buying CRASH PADS®!

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