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Crash Pads protective gear were originally designed for specific sports but through the years we find that our crash protection has a varied and wide scope. Anyone who has the potential to fall can find a product in our line that saves him or her from a world of hurt. This has included but is certainly not limited to mountain boarding, paintball, soccer, stunt work, rowing, paddling, karate, horse back riding, rodeo work, clown work, police (bike and horse), wake boarding, and every totally insane fringe really crazy extreme death defying sport you can imagine! Our safety equipment is commonly and frequently used for things we would never think of. Keep in mind our upper body padded jackets are a great compliment to our padded pants. We know our extreme products will be a great addition to your other safety gear. Tell us what you are doing with them!


Crash Pads were developed out of need. In 1992 one of our current owners took a fall while learning to in-line skate and ultimately developed Crash Pads for themselves so that they could continue to ride half pipe and be able to walk the next day. Eventually the Crash Pads concept was patented and the company was born.


Crash Pads, after 20+ years in the business, is still family owned and operated and is based in the beautiful Oregon coast range just minutes from the rugged north west beach. We have full product lines for in-line skating, snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, mountain boarding, free skiing, big mountain, and many other extreme sports. We also have products for soccer, paint ball, stunt work, combat, motocross and every other imaginable extreme activity or sport, which you will find in our “etc” listing.


Crash Pads will continue to develop product for sports that need us. We will also continue to develop product for other companies, events, shows and movies as the opportunities arise. Crash Pads will always have the family and personal touch as well as great customer service and quality.


Although many of our products do cross over, each sport has specific needs relating to the shape of the body, the area of the body vulnerable to a specific type of fall and the type of movement being performed during the activity. Therefore, specific styles are recommended for each sport.


All of Crash Pads designs are made to allow the athlete the most freedom of movement possible. That can be a challenge but is one of our company’s strongest principals. We work hard to insure you are well protected while keeping the products highly functional, restriction free and comfortable.


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