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“Awesome product, Will definitely be using this a lot this season for snowboarding. very impressed with the quality and fit. Glad to have found you guys. Comfortable fit with full range of motion and perfect protection. would highly recommend crash-..”

Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500

Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 $8500

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Pro-Pant with Tail Shield is often used with the following extreme sports and activities:

  • SNOW: Snowboarding, Ski, Racing, Boardercross, Big Mt, Park
  • SKATE: In line, Derby, Skateboard, Hockey, Street, Long Board, Mountain Board
  • BIKE: Down Hill, Single Track, BMX, Mountain
  • MOTOR SPORTS: Motocross, Super Moto, ATV
  • COURT SPORTS: Volleyball, Basketball
  • FIELD SPORTS: Soccer, Lacross, Football
  • OTHER SPORTS: Paintball, Stunt Work, Martial Arts, Yoga, Clown Work
  • NON-SPORT ACTIVITIES: Combat, Medical, Medieval Dueling, Military, Security, Stage Performance, Stunt
  • Non-restrictive design with plastic and foam tail shield for maximum tailbone coverage
  • Abrasion/Impact resistant padding providing outerwear or underwear durability
  • ¬Ω inch thermal formed, scored, flame bonded and high density but low profile foam
  • Technical moisture management Dry-Power fabric
  • Covers; side hip, side leg and front hip pointer and tailbone with plastic tail shield


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