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“I am a figure skater and these pads are a life saver! At first, I was very skeptical of padding because it can be restrictive. The crash-pads are the least restrictive ones I have ever worn. They make falling on solid ice feel like nothing. I am so..”

Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500

Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 Pro-Pant with Tail Shield - 2500 $8500

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Pro-Pant with Tail Shield is often used with the following extreme sports and activities:

  • SNOW: Snowboarding, Ski, Racing, Boardercross, Big Mt, Park
  • SKATE: In line, Derby, Skateboard, Hockey, Street, Long Board, Mountain Board
  • BIKE: Down Hill, Single Track, BMX, Mountain
  • MOTOR SPORTS: Motocross, Super Moto, ATV
  • COURT SPORTS: Volleyball, Basketball
  • FIELD SPORTS: Soccer, Lacross, Football
  • OTHER SPORTS: Paintball, Stunt Work, Martial Arts, Yoga, Clown Work
  • NON-SPORT ACTIVITIES: Combat, Medical, Medieval Dueling, Military, Security, Stage Performance, Stunt
  • Non-restrictive design with plastic and foam tail shield for maximum tailbone coverage
  • Abrasion/Impact resistant padding providing outerwear or underwear durability
  • ¬Ω inch thermal formed, scored, flame bonded and high density but low profile foam
  • Technical moisture management Dry-Power fabric
  • Covers; side hip, side leg and front hip pointer and tailbone with plastic tail shield


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